How to watch new episodes of Sons of Anarchy (if you do not get FX)
Be ready for Season 5!!

We plugged the PC monitor cable into the back of our LCD tv and watched it on the television, just as if we were  watching a
DVD or TV Show.  If your TV and computer have HDMI capabilities, that works also.  You do not need any special TV or
equipment to do this, unless your tv has neither a RGB input or HDMI input.  DVD's for the complete season 1-3 are also
available.  Amazon has made it even easier to watch Instant Video!  You can now watch thru your PS3, or Xbox.  Check out
Amazon for more ways to watch!

FX is now on the Dish Network basic lineup so we were able to watch Season 4 every Tuesday night, but I have to admit I
really miss the COMMERCIAL FREE episdoes!!

IF a $1.99 per episode is too much, you can stream the episodes 30 days after they air on TV, FREE from FX at, although I have tried to find the link to actually watch an episode and could only find 3 min. clips,
video extras, behind the scenes, etc..
. In 2011 FX made the entire season 3 available to watch via the website in February.

Editorial Review: 4 episodes from
the hit National Geographic Channel
Series. Go undercover inside the
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
Featuring detailed re-enactments,
suspense-driven narratives, and
expert interviews with special agents
as well as Hells Angels’ members,
this acclaimed documentary series
infiltrates the infamous organization
like never before.
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    Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam "Jax"
    Joins The 2011 Easyriders Rodeo Tour
    By Easyriders  
    February 14th 2011...
    Due to an over whelming demand and tens upon tens of thousands of requests
    from loyal Easyriders Events patrons we are both proud and excited to announce
    the star of TV's #1 hit show "Sons Of Anarchy" Charlie Hunnam "Jax" will be featured
    for the entire 2011 Easyriders Rodeo Tour.  Charlie will be meeting, signing
    autographs, and taking pictures with guests on Saturday July 9th in Wilson, NC,
    Saturday July 16th in Columbus, TX, Saturday August 20th in Fowlerville, MI, and
    Saturday September 3rd in Chillicothe, OH.

    "We had Charlie for the 2011 Bike Show Tour
    in both LA and Sacramento and he was both a
    tremendous fit and a crowd favorite" said
    Easyriders Events Marketing  Director Tucker
    Kroll. "Guests waited in line for up to
    six hours to meet him and get a picture with
    him. In over a decade of celebrity related
    events I had never seen anything like it. Most
    importantly Charlie stayed hours later than
    what was originally scheduled to make sure he took care of everyone in line which
    was really something else.

    After the events, we spoke several times and both really felt he would be the perfect
    addition to the Easyriders Events family. Charlie's schedule is extremely busy but
    luckily we were able to work out all of the 2011 Rodeo Tour dates with him. He
    actually will be filming the 4th season of Sons Of Anarchy all summer long. They
    shoot during the week, so we were able to work out getting Charlie to our four
    events on the Saturday of each event weekend."

    Easyriders Events John Green  said "I made a promise to our patrons to bring them
    one of a kind, quality entertain- ment that they would never forget and could only
    experience at our events. You began to see that at the 2011 Bike Shows. Now it is
    time for the 2011 Rodeo Tour. This year we are going to bring it to levels never seen
    before. Sons Of Anarchy is the biggest name in motorcycle entertainment today and
    our patrons at all of our events will now have a chance to meet the star, Charlie
    Hunnam “Jax”, of the #1 hit tv show at all of our events."

    For complete information, event details, event highlight videos,
    event photos, and other recent happenings please go to

YouTube Channel for
Sons of Anarchy Fans!

Okay die-hard Sons of Anarchy fans...Kurt Sutter, Creator and
Executive Producer of the FX super hit about the outlaw SutterInk/SOA
to help get you through the summer while you anxiously await the
beginning of Season 4.  The channel is by subscription at  Sutter expects to provide
viewers with behind the scenes footage of filming, casting, and other
great insights of the making of Sons of Anarchy.  

After a brief introduction of the new channel, the first segment of
WTF Sutter, starts with Kurt answering a viewer question:  What is it
like to work with your wife Katey?  Tune in to the new channel
SutterInk/SOA on YouTube!
see details below
Charlie Hunnam will NOT be making an appearance in
Chillicothe, OH ...from Easyrider 05/13/2011...

Charlie was also originally scheduled to be in Chillicothe, OH as well
but just found out a couple days ago that he now has to work all Labor
Day Weekend. He tried his best to to to get out of it so he could join us
in Chillicothe as planned but nothing could be done. Charlie worked
with us to find a suitable replacement and together we found two.

Tommy Flanagan "Chibs" from Sons Of Anarchy will be taking
Charlie's place in Chillicothe Saturday September 3rd. Tommy
will be signing autographs and taking pictures with guests from
6pm-11pm Saturday September 3rd.
Interested in the Outlaw
Biker Club subculture?

Check out the
from Karen Katz, now
available at Amazon.

For more biker club titles go to our
Club page.
SOA stars to appear at Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX

Sons of Anarchy stars Charlie Hunnam "Jax Teller" and Tommy Flanagan "Chibs" will be
at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX
Rally Dates are Nov. 3rd-6th, 2011

Friday November 4th 2011 - Ryan Hurst "Opie" 5pm-9pm Meeting, Signing Autographs,
Taking Pictures With Guests

CANCELLED--Friday November 4th 2011 - Charlie Hunnam "Jax" 5pm-9pm Meeting,
Signing Autographs, Taking Pictures With Guests-CANCELLED
According to The Lone Star Rally website, Charlie Hunnam is no longer on the guest
appearance list.  Did "Jax" cancel ANOTHER personal appearance?  Ryan Hurst who
plays "Opie" is now listed as the Friday guest from SOA

Saturday November 5th 2011 -
Tommy Flanagan "Chibs" 10:30am Meet & Greet at
Stubbs Harley-Davidson / Lead Outlaw Dave Ride To Lone Star Rally 11:30AM / 1pm-5pm
Meeting, Signing Autographs, Taking Pictures With Guests

Information from Lone Star Rally website,

Season Four Finale Now Scheduled for Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00 PM ET/PT

Season 4 is the Highest-Rated Season of Sons of Anarchy.

LOS ANGELES, November 7, 2011 – FX has ordered an extra episode of Sons of Anarchy that will extend the current fourth season to 14 episodes with the
series finale now airing on Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00 PM ET/PT, announced Nick Grad, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, FX.

“Creatively, this has been Sons’ best and biggest season ever,” said Grad. “Kurt asked us to consider adding an extra episode to fully close this current
chapter of the Sons saga. By adding the extra episode, it wraps up a magnificent season in extraordinary fashion. This is a real bonus for fans of the series.”

Four seasons in, Sons of Anarchy is recording its highest-rated season yet, delivering 5.45 million Total Viewers and 3.71 million Adults 18-49, respective
gains of +23% and +20%. On a weekly multi-telecast basis, Sons is delivering 8.51 million Total Viewers and 5.71 million Adults 18-49.

The series stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Ryan Hurst, Tommy Flanagan, Theo Rossi, Dayton
Callie and William Lucking. Sagal won the 2011 Golden Globe® award for Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama for her performance last season.

Sons of Anarchy was created by Kurt Sutter who also serves as Executive Producer along with John Linson, Art Linson and Paris Barclay. The series is
produced by FX Productions and Fox 21.

FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network from the Fox Networks Group. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 98 million homes. The diverse
schedule includes a growing roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning original series, an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox and other studios and
an impressive roster of acquired hit series. For more information about FX, visit their web site at

Stubbs HD in Houston TX
lined up for Outlaw Dave Ride to Lone Star Rally
100's show up for Outlaw Dave ride to Lone Star Rally
crowd gathers at Stubbs HD for Outlaw Dave Ride
Stubbs HD - Chibs leads ride
Chibs leads Outlaw Dave Ride
Tommy Flanagan - SOA star makes appearance in Houston, TX
Tommy Flanagan - Chibs leads ride at Stubbs HD
Tommy Flanagan 'Chibs' of Sons of Anarchy,
leads 100's of riders from Stubbs Harley-Davidson
in Houston, TX to the Lone Star Rally in
Galveston, TX.  Ridersinfo staff reports...
With Chibs leading HUNDREDS of bikes it was a
sight to see and a sound to hear!"
leaving for ride to Lone Star Rally from Houston at Stubbs HD
ready to roll - hundreds at Stubbs HD for Outlaw Dave Ride
patriotic bike in parade to Lone Star Rally
ride to Lone Star Rally from Stubbs HD in Houston
Outlaw Dave Ride to Lone Star Rally lead by Tommy Flanagan
leaving for the Lone Star Rally at Stubbs HD
Tommy Flanagan leads ride to Lone Star Rally
Stubbs HD November 5 2011
ready to leave Stubbs on Outlaw Dave Ride to Lone Star Rally
cool bike with cool facemask
on the road to Lone Star Rally
bike line up at Stubbs HD Outlaw Dave Ride
getting ready for Outlaw Dave Ride at Stubbs HD lead by Chibs
Tommy Flanagan - Chibs - at Stubbs HD
click on images to enlarge
J & T PHOTOGRAPHY - Jon & Tara
Tommy Flanagan - Chibs leads ride at Stubbs HD
Easyriders To Kick Off 2012
Bike Show Tour

Sons Of Anarchy Stars will once
again make personal appearances
at the Easyriders Events.  The two
stars on track to appear this year
will be Tommy Flanagan "Chibs"
and Winter Zoli "Lyla"

For more detailed information
go to our
Rallies page and click the
Easyriders Events Link.
Sons of Anarchy Cast Appearances in 2012 (Didn't keep up with 2013-sorry!)
This is a valid listing of appearances at the time of publishing...Appearances were cancelled on a regular basis in 2011, checking with the event
organizer just prior to the date of appearance is advised.  I have concentrated efforts on motorcycle rally appearances (this is a motorcycle site,
after all)  I do not claim to have a complete list of SOA cast appearances!  Go to our
Events page for more rally details/locations/etc...

Easyriders Bike Show (check Easyrider site for exact date of appearance - the exacts dates were not specified at time of publication)
Anaheim - January 7, 2012  
Sacramento -  January 14-15, 2012
Charlotte - January 21-22, 2012
Knoxville - February 4, 2012
Columbus - February  10-11-12,  2012

Arizona Bike Week - Sunday, April 1st from 1pm-5pm

C&A Harley-Davidson 25th Anniversary Bash
Plain City, OH  Saturday, May 12th - Tommy Flanagan 'Chibs' will appear from 10am - 5pm Signing autographs inside the store

Detroit Bike Week -  Ryan Hurst, “Opie”  will be on hand on Sunday, July 29 for a public meet and greet from 11 am – 12:30 pm and a private meet
and greet (tickets for this are an additional $50) from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm.  From 1 pm – 2 pm Harley Davidson riders are invited to join a ride lead
by Hurst in an attempt to break the Guinness World Book of Records’ record for most Harleys in one ride. At 5 pm Hurst will give away a custom
Bobber built by Poor Boy Choppers on the 106.7 Stage to one lucky fan in the crowd. Everyone who attends Detroit Bike Week on Sunday will be
entered to win (must be present to win).

Boot Ride - August 26, 2012 in Hollywood, California
Ride with the cast of Sons Of Anarchy to support our Troops

Easyriders Rodeo - "JAX" - Charlie Hunnam

Chillicothe, Ohio -  September 1st,  5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Make sure you check the website for confirmation....Last year he cancelled (see below) so I would double check.
Here's what Charlie had to say about the 2011 cancellation:

EASYRIDERS-Sons Of Anarchy Star "Charlie Hunnam "Jax" will be at the 2012 Chillcothe Easyriders Rodeo Tour. He will be there on Saturday September 1 from 5:
30pm-9:30pm meeting, taking pictures with, and signing autographs for guests. The star of the #1 hit TV show is excited about Chillicothe. "Last year in 2011 I was
supposed to come to Chillicothe with Easyriders but had to cancel due to a last minute movie commitment. I had heard from the guys it was crazy. Tommy Flanagan took
my place last year and when he got back he said it was insane. I have been looking forward to the Easyriders 2012 Chillicothe Rodeo Tour for a while now and seeing
everyone again. This year I will be there and I hope to see everyone there!"
FX Picks up Sons of
for 2 more
SOA Fans...The news we all wanted to
hear!  According to a Facebook post by
Sons of Anarchy facebook page on
February 6, 2012, the popular outlaw
biker TV series
Sons of Anarchy, will
continue through season 6.  Great News!!
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Sons Of Anarchy
Information on appearances,
downloads, news, etc...
For more information about watching SOA during the regular season, scroll down.  I have the links you need to watch
each episode just hours after it airs on regular prime-time tv on FX.
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marks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Our satellite package did not include the FX channel.  So every Wednesday we downloaded the COMMERCIAL FREE episode from  Amazon Instant Video & we own it! This link, Sons Of Anarchy Instant Video will take you directly to the Amazon Sons of Anarchy Instant Video page where you can pick which season you would like to purchase. You can now watch season 1-4, for season 5 you can purchase each episode every week or pre-purchase the season and it will be ready for you to watch as soon as it is available. We had to wait one day (episodes aired on Tuesday at 10pm and were available on Wednesday for download)  At the minimal cost of $1.99 per episode, commercial free and part of our personal library, the one day wait is worth it.  
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WATCH SONS OF ANARCHY SEASON 1-5 NOW!  Don't have FX on your network?  You can download the current episode-hours after it airs on FX-from Amazon.   Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episodes
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